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Early start on the violin 1 - Sassmannshaus

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English edition / with Spanish supplement Note reading is introduced from the beginning, and accidentals are explained in the easiest way in the first volume. By the end of the first book, many English children's songs using all fingers have been played and note values from whole to eighth notes have been introduced. Even the easiest exercises are underlaid with text so that melodies can be perceived as a whole. The authors: The original German violin method was first published in 1976. The author Egon Sassmannshaus is one of the most experienced and renowned violin pedagogues in Germany . For the new English edition his son Kurt Sassmannshaus worked as co-author and adapted his father's successful method for English-speaking children. The combined knowledge and experience of father andson make the four volumes of the Sassmannshaus Tradition the most thoroughly researched and thought-through beginner violin method in the world. 

Inhoud van het boek:

Note Values And Symbols
Open Strings
String Crossing
The 'Cuckoo's Third' With The Second Finger
The Fourth Finger
The Triad
The First Finger
String Crossing And Fingering On Different Strings
The Third Finger
Scales On Two Strings
More Exercises, Songs And Stroke Patterns
New Stroke Patterns
Slurred Notes
The Portato Stroke